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Heal Your Pelvic Pain With Science

Heal Your Pelvic Pain with Science contains science, patient stories and teaches why it’s possible to return to healthy, effortless pelvic function. It gives pelvic healing evidence for reducing symptoms of pain/distress, no matter how long you’ve had them. Knowledge provides a sense of hope that you can heal.

Understanding the why of pain encourages you to be active in your healing process, not to wait for an external treatment, surgery, medicine, or manual technique to be the “cure”.


The eBook is divided into six chapters, each chapter is about an 8-10 minute read. The titles of the chapters are:

  1. The Brain Sends Pain

  2. Pain is 100% Real

  3. Changes in Your Neuroimmune System

  4. Your Brain can Change

  5. How Emotions Effect Pain

  6. Healing Persistent Pain/Distress

Versión en español

Sana Tu Dolor Pélvico con Ciencia

Sana tu dolor pélvico con ciencia contiene ciencia, historias de pacientes y enseña por qué es posible volver a tener una función pélvica saludable y sin esfuerzo. Ofrece pruebas de curación pélvica para reducir los síntomas de dolor/estrés, sin importar el tiempo que los hayas tenido. El conocimiento proporciona una sensación de esperanza de que puedes curarte.

Entender el porqué del dolor te anima a ser activo en tu proceso de curación, sin esperar a que un tratamiento externo, una cirugía, una medicina o una técnica manual sean la "cura".

El eBook está dividido en seis capítulos, cada uno de los cuales se lee en unos 8-10 minutos. Los títulos de los capítulos son:

  1. El cerebro envía el dolor

  2. El dolor es 100% real

  3. Cambios en su sistema neuroinmune

  4. Su cerebro puede cambiar

  5. Cómo afectan las emociones al dolor

  6. Cómo curar el dolor/estrés persistente

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English Version

re.lieve Solutions for Chronic Pain

Evelyn’s first eBook written in 2018 before creating her online PelvicSense program. re.lieve Solutions for Chronic Pain introduces the reader to the empowering new science of pain, teaches techniques to lower the hypersensitive nervous system and helps retrain the brain to unlearn pain, rather learn and use more pain-free patterns.

Photos of general stretching, strengthening exercises and a tracking system, called My Healing Progress helps you measure your progress in self-care.

Whether you have persistent Headaches, Neck, Back, Pelvic, Abdominal, Joint Pain or Autoimmune Disorders such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, this program can help you. Based on solid research, actively doing a home program while receiving care by your doctor(s) expedites the healing process with lasting results.

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