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What If…You can receive effective, non surgical treatments by medical experts that specialize in chronic pelvic, genital and sexual pain associated with pelvic floor dysfunction who work and communicate together to help you heal?

What If… The medical professionals could educate,  offer medical treatments & guidance, perform safe, gentle manual and exercises therapies,  plus teach you a self management program for your chronic pelvic pain/condition within a two (2) week period?

No more running from one isolated specialist to another, not understanding your true diagnoses and how to be proactive in reversing your condition.

Bio-psycho-social model of care based on current evidence based neuroscience and pain processing disorders triggered by both functional and structural pain generators


Pelvic Help for Pelvic Pain”  is a fast track 2 week intensive multidisciplinary program for women and men suffering from pelvic/core/sexual dysfunction located on the Upper East Side of New York City. We welcome our NY residents as well as the out of town visitors.

Patients first consult and receive treatment by a Board Certified MD who has 30+ years of pelvic health experience. In the same week patients see a DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) in practice that has over 20 years experience treating men and women with pelvic pain. Both the MD and DPT discuss your case and design an effective treatment plan.

Pelvic Specialist MD Pelvic Physical Therapist
  • 3 hour complete medical evaluation and follow-up with treatments if needed
  • Trigger point injections
  • Pelvic regional nerve blocks in office
  • Specialized in-office diagnosis and management for Interstitial Cystitis, Vulvodynia, and all other pelvic, genital and sexual pain disorders
  • Design tailored home exercise program
  • Provide manual therapies to release restricted muscles, connective tissue, and nerves that pass through that tissue
  • Provide instruction for self-help techniques


Upon completion of the 2 weeks, you can choose to stay on for further treatment or if reside out of town, we’ll set you up with a good home program and will communicate with your health providers.

There are no other diagnostic and therapeutic models like ours in the greater New York City area.  Let us help you develop a complete management plan for your specific pelvic health issues.

Call EMH Physical Therapy at 212-288-2242 today to learn more about our program. We offer free phone consultations too.

For more information on our physician:  http://theechenberginstitute.com/

For more information on our physical therapy team:  visit our staff and our blog.