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Achieve Inner Calm with this Simple Five Minute Morning Meditation

Quiet Focus for Inner Calm is a practice that develops your ability to be mindful. Being mindful is being present as you go through your day, without judging the experiences as good or bad.

Being mindful offers a better way to react when you have pain and helps to lower catastrophic thoughts, like “this is unbearable!” It lowers the tendency to dwell on negative emotions like shame and frustration. Negative thoughts and emotions that often accompany pain can actually worsen your pain’s intensity and duration.

In the PelvicSense program, you’ll learn many techniques to elevate your sense of calm - without frustration!

One technique is called: Five Minute Meditation.

Find the voice recording button located on your smartphone, or use a simple recording device. Using a slow-paced voice, record yourself reading the script in quotations below.

After each statement, let the recording run silently for a minute.

Minute 1

“Sit or lie comfortably, close your eyes and do one minute of diaphragmatic breathing or the 4-7-8 breathing exercise”. (Set timer for 1 minute).

Minute 2

“Breathe naturally and scan your body slowly from your head to your feet to notice the support of your body or the sensations without judging them as good or bad”. (Set timer for 1 minute).

Minute 3

“Notice how different thoughts float in - and once aware of lingering on that thought, let it go and refocus on your breathing”. (Set timer for 1 minute).

Minute 4

“Focus on the area of your body where pain or distress has been located. Send healing light, or energy to that area”. (Set timer for 1 minute).

Minute 5

“Silently repeat a positive affirmation or focus on something you are grateful for, such as taking the time to do this exercise”. (Set timer for 1 minute).

“Before you open your eyes, acknowledge how physically relaxed and mentally calm you feel. Carry this sense of calm throughout your day”.

And that’s it!

It's best to do this in the morning to help your day get started positively.

With practice, you might want to extend the time or do other calming Rewire audios in PelvicSense to achieve a sense of relaxation and clarity.

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