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Can listening (and acting) on your intuition prevent, or heal pelvic pain?

Intuition describes various ways you get information without using known logical or rational processes. One helpful way to understand intuition is a direct or inner knowing without thinking it through. You may have used phrases like, "I had a gut feeling, a hunch, my sixth sense told me, I instantly knew." Trusting our intuition is a skill that can be developed with practice.

Modern society teaches us to push through physical or emotional pain, ignore the early distressful signs, take pills for quick temporary relief, and brush off our instincts. If our medical systems can't find a logical reason for our pain, we're told to "learn to live with it" and continue on a long-term medication path.

When pain, illness, or challenging situations arise, we may think it's 'out of the blue' or just par for the course. We may not realize that the low-level early messages of distress and emotional unease require our attention.

Too often, we ignore those subtle messages in favor of what seems more logical or concrete: "This is my dream job! I need a paycheck! My coworkers seem nice!" - all very true, but may not be best for our health and well-being.

Pain and misfortune are a part of life. They can provide life lessons, hone our inner listening skills and increase our resilience as we overcome these issues. Perhaps if we heed the early messages, we could avoid future chronic pain and repeated similar misfortunes.

When we slow down, listen, and trust (not only relying on logic or reason), we can use our intuition proactively rather than reactively. Doing some self-soothing mind and body movements, sending safety messages to our nervous system, and spending 15 minutes of quiet inner focus are techniques to hone our listening ability.

Evelyn Hecht, pelvic PT, guides you to significantly reduce chronic pelvic pain and distressful pelvic issues by helping you gain knowledge, reduce fear, and implement quiet, calm, and easy movement. Long-term healing is possible through her gentle manual therapies, tailored movement exercises, education in pelvic health, pain science, and your easy-to-do home program.

You'll improve intuition, listen and act on what you need, say "No" to create more "Me-time," be self-loving, less self-critical, and revel in feeling healthy.

Why not start your journey today with EMH Physical Therapy?


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